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Hidden Figures  

Hidden FiguresWe celebrate and honor Black History Month and believe it’s important to acknowledge the many ways Black Americans have made history, especially in food.

Previewing the 2024 Trends 

Previewing the 2024 TrendsWatch Kevin discuss the trends at the forefront of 2024—from the growth in global beverages and artificial intelligence to the emerging generational trends and the new healthy.

The Meaning of the Holidays

The Meaning of the HolidaysAs another year of holidays approaches, Kevin goes on a search for all the reasons this season is so treasured by asking our Esrockers.

Food Crazes from Our Youth

Food Crazes from Our YouthOpen a time capsule with us, as we look back at headlining food crazes from our childhoods in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s during Nostalgic November!

The Integrated Comms Outlook on AI 

The Integrated Comms Outlook on AIThe future is here—at least a first draft of it is emerging from the recent artificial intelligence arms race.

The Creative Outlook on AI

The Creative Outlook on AIArtificial intelligence is set to change our world…eventually. But what about the current crop of AI tools available? Are they helpful, or is it all hype?