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Words We Live By

Get uncomfortable. It’s too crowded under the warm, soft

blanket of conformity. Let the competition live there.

Find the yes. Passion fuels positivity. Bring the energy and go

for the head nod. Leapfrog. Catch up with yourself five years

from now. Are you proud? Earn your bragging rights.

Results are the quickest and easiest way to prove the value of

your work. Create. Let your wonderfully weird side run wild and

free. Burst your bubble. Be humbled and inspired. Ideas

can come from anywhere if you’re open to hearing them.

Think for yourself. Or be prepared to accept what other people

think. Break through. Don’t let the dream crushers discourage

you. Keep pushing. Hustle. The world is in constant motion.

Grab your red shoes.…and run!

The Endless Pursuit of What's Possible in Food

Food is on our mind from the minute we wake until our heads greet our pillows at night. We’re not just foodies, we’re food fanatics—with decades of experience and an insatiable hunger for what’s next.

Our Core Values


Diverse in backgrounds, opinions and perspectives, with a focus on working respectively, quickly, openly and collaboratively.


Independently owned and operated, providing direct access to unfiltered thinking and entrepreneurial instincts that uniquely drive our client’s success.


Efficiently delivering ROI through insights-driven, high-quality solutions that focus on moving cases and winning the day.


Our well-trained experts proactively adapt cross-functional disciplines to deliver relevant, scalable solutions for an ever-evolving industry.


Continuously hungry to connect brands with audiences in new and different ways, seeking breakthrough opportunities for brands to lead the way.
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We’re Here. There. And Everywhere Food Is.

It’s a Team-First Way of Life

At Esrock, we’re friends—people are our priority. We work collaboratively, yet every individual perspective is heard and valued. Our team-first approach means that even our leadership is an accessible, on-site presence invested in everything we do. It has helped us create lasting client relationships and unmatched employee retention. Together, anything’s possible.

Help Shape the
Future of Food

(and have a lot of fun doing it)

As a team of passionate professionals, we’re helping shape the future of food one employee at time. If you’re looking to get your career cookin’, you’ve come to the right place.

What’s New In Food

Get the latest, tastiest food news—from trends to top-level talking points and insights to industry inspiration. Has your whistle been whetted? Dig into all the goodies in our blog.

Living Authentically

In celebration of LGBTQIA + Pride Month we’re showcasing some of today’s most authentic, out and proud culinary leaders, and giving you a taste of their unique flavors—in the kitchen, and the community.

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