What’s New In Food? Battle for Breakfast

If you’re looking for one of the bright spots in foodservice despite COVID-19, look no further than the morning daypart. Breakfast has been a profitable focal point for smart operators, especially chains, as they duke it out for more share. Check your area for late summer promotions like free coffee and free food, all in an effort to win your dollars and long term loyalty.   

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What’s new in food? The breakfast wars. Yeah, in this post COVID world, everything’s crazy. People are talking about the food service industry being down, but smart operators are out there trying to gain share right now. And some things that actually took place before the COVID event, like Wendy’s launching their entire new breakfast line and their coffee and everything else, has really kicked into high gear because they’ve invested too much money not to let that do really, really well.

So you’re seeing breakfast wars across the board right now where not only is Wendy’s trying to gain share, but all this month, Dunkin’ Donuts is like, no, no, no, no, I’m going to keep my share. So on Mondays on this month, in August, you can get a free coffee just by going in Dunkin’ Donuts, or on Fridays, like today, you can get a free donut just by going into Dunkin’ Donuts.

And so then you have other people like Chick-fil-A out there who have said, “Wait a minute. We did really well during COVID-19. We’re going to keep doing well. We’re going to push our breakfast agenda. So we’re going to continue to roll out great new products, but we’re also going to give away free coffee every day during the month of August.” Just go in and ask for a free coffee at your local Chick-fil-A and they will definitely give it to you.

And so you’ve got this major swell for the battle of share, where great companies are out there saying, “We do not want to be down in this time. We expect to be up. So we’re going to launch every single promotion that we can to get there.” And in the meantime, the winners are going to be the consumers, because if you look hard, there is going to be some great promotions out there. So what’s new in food? Great companies working to steal share in a post COVID world, and the winner is our taste buds.


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