What’s New In Food? First Taste TV

Season 1 of First Taste TV is well on its way, and the food industry is sitting up and taking notice. This one-of-a-kind engagement platform has all the bells, whistles and entertainment value of a modern television program, with the resources, insights and connectivity today’s operators and manufacturers are looking for. With hosts Amanda Venezia and Marlon Gordon, First Taste TV harnesses the power of influencer marketing and progressive digital media tactics, while offering buyers and sellers an opportunity to fill the communication gap left by the abandonment of in-person meetings and events. You’d be hard pressed to find anything as cool, unique and interesting in foodservice in 2020 as First Taste TV. See Esrock’s Kevin Wilson go behind the scenes on the set, and check out episodes at firsttastetv.com

Full Transcript

What’s new in food? Finding new and meaningful ways to connect and engage with your customers. In this post COVID world, there’s a communications gap, which has led to a sales opportunity gap. Smart manufacturers and operators alike have come together to seek out innovative ways to work together, to solve problems and seek out new opportunities. That’s why I’m thrilled to be here on the set today of First Taste TV. What is First Taste TV? It’s the brain child of co-host Amanda Venezia and Marlon Gordon, who were looking for a better way to connect food nutritional professionals and manufacturers in a more digital space, not just for today, but moving forward. From education to healthcare and beyond, First Taste TV will be first to bring you new information, insights, best practices, recipes, and so much more.

Esrock Partners is thrilled to be a part of this and can’t wait to unveil First Taste TV to the world. If you want to find more out about First Taste TV, click on the link here and enjoy what’s coming because it’s going to be really exciting. I think it’s going to change the way we work together in the food space. What’s new in food? First Taste TV.


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