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What’s New In Food: The Mobile App Ambush

Burger King just fired a resounding shot in the burger wars—using geofencing to serve consumers a one-cent Whopper offer as they drive near a McDonalds. Who will be next to drive trial and conversion in an unconventional way?

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What’s new in food?

What’s new in food? Baby, it’s cold outside. Yeah, it’s cold outside, but the mobile food wars are really heating up, and Burger King just fired a massive shot. I’m about to order a Whopper at McDonald’s. So how does it all work? Well, Burger King has geofenced more than 14,000 McDonald’s locations. So when you get within 600 feet of a McDonald’s, it automatically triggers the app to send you a coupon for a one-cent Whopper. You simply click on the offer, it takes you in, it allows you to select the nearest targeted Burger King, directs you to it, and sends you to an order where I can now pick up within an hour my one-cent Whopper. So this isn’t just a clever PR stunt. This drives app download and product trial and literally navigates you mobilely to your nearest Burger King. Right? This isn’t just customer engagement. This is actual customer conversion. So download the app and see the process for yourself. But ask yourself, what is your company doing to utilize mobile technology to change the way you do business and to really drive sales?

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