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What’s New In Food: Movie Theater Menuing

Movie theaters are increasingly distinguishing themselves not only by what’s on the screen, but what’s on the menu. Popcorn and fountain drinks have given way to fajitas, wood-burning pizza and specialty cocktails. Where will their menus go next?

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What’s new in food?

What’s new in food? I could be sitting at my favorite bar & grill. I could be sitting at my favorite restaurant. I’m actually sitting at something much better: my favorite movie theater. I’m here at Emagine in Frankfort, Illinois, my hometown. What’s new in food is, movie theater food is evolving rapidly. It’s not just the same old candy bars, popcorn, hot dogs, hamburgers, and fountain drinks. Now the menu has evolved to include nachos, fajitas, chicken fingers, and yes, wood-fired pizza. Mm. That’s really good. Movie theaters are trying to heighten the guest experience in every way imaginable. And at the top [of] that list is food and taste, right? That’s why they have a fully stocked bar. That’s why they have a wood-fired pizza oven. That’s why they have chefs creating menus that everybody wants to emulate across the country. So they don’t just have great food here. They’ve got a fully stocked bar, and the drinks are very good. I’ve already had one, and I’m loving it. You can also get wine by the bottle. You can get wine by the glass. So whatever you want to enhance your moviegoing experience, they’ve got it. So if you want to see what’s new in food, you only have to go as far as your local movie theater. Get out, try the food, ’tis the season for blockbusters, and you’re going to get a blockbuster of a meal. I guarantee you that.

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