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What’s New In Food: “Elf”-Inspired Entree

Inspired by the now-classic holiday film, Miss Ricky’s in Chicago is menuing a meal with marshmallows, S’mores Pop Tarts, M&Ms, Oreos, chocolate sauce, syrup and more all atop a bed of spaghetti. Who else will serve up a pop-culture spin on the holiday LTO?

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What’s new in food?

Hey, guys, what’s new in food?
What happens when food and pop culture collide? Well, you’re about to find out. I’m here at Miss Ricky’s in downtown Chicago, Illinois, for the holiday meal from the movie “Elf.”

Ok, I’ve got my elf spaghetti. It includes the four major food groups: candy, candy cane, candy corn, and of course, maple syrup. This should be delicious. So I have to admit I’m pleasantly surprised. There’s a lot of great flavor going on here. A little sweet, but who couldn’t use a little sweet this time of year. That is definitely Instagram worth as we talked about recently. So I’m going to invite everybody to come down to Miss Ricky’s for their next meal.

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