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What’s New In Food: The Fully Automated Dining Experience

It’s the new age of dining, where innovative digital technology delivers fast, seamless, entertaining customer experiences. Wow Bao is the first in Chicago. Who will up the ante?

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What’s new in food?

What’s new in food? The fully automated dining experience, like here at Wow Bao in Chicago, where you can order from a kiosk, where you can mobile order, where you can call ahead and have your order ready. And it’s got friendly technology, fun on the spot, and you can pick up orders from the side kiosk when you get done. So what makes this neat is for mobile ordering, for pickup, for group orders, for whatever you want, you can call ahead or come in, and then you just walk over to these bins, where your name will appear when your food is ready, and out comes your hot, ready meal prepared by a chef in the back. It’s all touchless. It’s all with no human interaction, but it speeds up the process to make it a very seamless payment process. And it’s kind of a fun little atmosphere in here. So when your order’s ready, you can come over to your kiosk with your name on it – right there, Kevin W. – on the spot, tap twice, and out comes my order, ready to go. What’s new in food is technology has taken us to so many new places, and there are opportunities to see where this automation’s going to take us in the future, but you should come see Wow Bao for yourself here in Chicago.

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