What’s New In Food: E-Commerce Strategy

E-Commerce is an untapped revenue stream for many in foodservice. Is your company doing all it can to get on the e-commerce express?

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What’s new in food?

I love the food industry, but we can be slow to change. Opportunity has been knock-knock-knocking on our door and many of you have refused to answer. That opportunity? E-commerce. E-commerce is big and getting bigger. Around $450 billion in 2017. It was up 17% from 2016 and is on pace for 20% growth in 2018. So why aren’t more food service companies taking advantage of e-commerce? Well, I’ve heard all the excuses. “That’s a retail initiative” or “We’re not sure how we would pair up brokers” or “What if we step on our distributor partner’s toes?” All that, guys, is antiquated thinking. E-commerce gives you an opportunity to drive sales and revenue right now in 2018, and especially going into 2019. I was super proud when I heard recently that companies like Unilever and Nestlé have announced that all of their food service products are now available through e-commerce channels. And they’re not the first ones. Cambro and Carlisle have been selling on Amazon for years. And it’s been successful. I know one company that did $600,000 in sales on Amazon in Year 1, $6 million in sales on Amazon in Year 2, and are on pace this year for $20 million in sales on Amazon alone. So why aren’t you taking advantage of e-commerce? Is your company doing all it can to get on the e-commerce express? Comment below.

Maybe while I’m here I can do some shoe shopping. Oh baby. Come to daddy.

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