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What’s New In Food: Straw Ban

Is your company prepared to combat a social media based PR crisis that could change the way you do business?

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Full Transcript

What’s New in Food?

Hey, where’s my straw?

Dude! Straw ban.

Straw ban? Ah, I forgot.

Ok…so we’ve all heard about the straw ban. Welcome to the new world where the combination of a kid’s science fair project and accompanying viral video can send the media, legislators, operators and manufacturers scrambling into a frenzy that costs the food industry millions and millions of dollars. And, much like the straw ban, none of it has to be fact-based.

And guess what? It’s catching on. It’s not just California. Major universities across the country like Dartmouth, Duke and Marquette have all adopted the straw ban for themselves.

Think this is a one-and-done event? Think again. This is the new normal. You have to constantly inform, educate and help shape public opinion, before the public shapes opinion about you and your brands.

So the question you have to ask yourself is: Is your company ready to take on a social media- based crisis that could change the way you do business?

Hey, where’s my sandwich? Where’s the bun?

Bun ban.

Bun ban? Son of a…

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