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What’s New In Food: In-Car Commerce

Marketers are increasingly looking to capitalize on consumers’ time in their cars. Is your business prepared to do the same?

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What’s new in food?

Like me, many Americans spent some serious time driving on road this past weekend. And all of us are spending more time than ever before in our daily commutes to and from work.

Marketers from all industries… especially food are trying to figure out how to take advantage of this opportunity. Welcome to the growing business of “In Car Commerce”

The goal of in car commerce is simple. Allow you to shop and pay for things seamlessly while in your car as a driver or passenger. And companies are placing large bets on it’s success.

GM has built an entire platform dedicated to In Car Commerce, and some the earliest partners to join in are Starbucks, TGI Fridays, Applebee’s, Dunkin’ Donuts and Wingstop. And the platform is intuitive, when your car is low on fuel…it sends an in-car coupon to incentivize drivers to stop at near by c-Stores.

And whether the platform is built into the car or is an app like Waze. The food industry is already there. Trying to capture attention and stand out from the crowd.

Are you looking to drive more traffic? Look to in-car commerce.

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