What’s New In Food: Vending

The vending industry is doing a phenomenal job of rethinking who they are and engaging consumers in entirely new ways. Is your business prepared to do the same?

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What’s New in Food?

The vending business is booming. Think you know vending? Think again. The vending industry has done a great job of rethinking who they are, imagining what’s possible, and engaging consumers in entirely new ways. Take this little beauty, for instance, kicking out fresh, chef-inspired gourmet salads, sandwiches, and wraps just like this, connecting with Millennials in ways nobody thought was possible. It has its own loyalty program and social media following. Vending has done a great job of leading the way and saying what’s possible in today’s marketplace. Is your business stuck in the past? Are you battling antiquated perceptions? Maybe it’s time for some fresh thinking.


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