What’s New In Food: Stephanie Izard Holiday Cookie Sets

Chicagoland chef Stephanie Izard insists on the highest quality, freshness and attention to detail. So it’s no surprise that her holiday cookie set has to be pre-ordered by Dec. 16 and picked up on Dec. 23, just in time to impress your guests. Check out her beautifully decorated holiday collection in this special edition of What’s New In Festive Food.

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What’s New in Food?

What’s New in Festive Foods? Stephanie Izard has become one of Chicagoland’s most famous chefs, and it’s a credit that’s well-deserved. Her attention to quality and detail is unsurpassed, and her menu creativity has expanded from Girl and the Goat to Little Goat Diner to their coffee house and bakery, which you see behind me. And she’s got an incredible thing for Christmas that’s available because she wants everything fresh and delivered to you just in a perfect way. You can go online and order your own holiday cookie set made fresh to be picked up basically on Christmas Eve and ready to go for you. So if you’re looking for a last-minute gift, if you’re looking for something to surprise and delight your entire family with, checkout Girl and a Goat, check out Stephanie Izard and get yourself one of these delicious cookies sets because this is What’s New in Festive Foods.


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