What’s New In Food: Pete’s Fresh Market Holiday Inspired Packaged Goods

From seasonal craft beer to breakfast cereal, there’s a limited edition holiday-inspired food and beverage for everyone. See how the flavors and colors of the season have made their way to the grocery aisles in this edition of What’s New in FESTIVE Food.

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What’s New in Food!

What’s new in festive food? Well, we’ve shown you plenty out there, and some of our favorite hot spots and restaurants where we love to eat. But this time of year is all about going to great parties and hosting events. And so you’ve got to get out to your retail grocers, like Pete’s Market here in Chicagoland, and find some really fun and festive things to take your party to the next level. And the retailers are doing a great job. So kudos to you guys. Everybody, like General Mills has, I think, three or four different varieties of holiday-inspired cereals that are sure to keep your kids happy in the morning, and go from there. You’ve got folks who have peppermint stick ice cream. You have the folks at Lindor who have oversized truffles, and that’s just the start. You’ve got your classic holiday eggnogs, but craft beer is so hot right now that if you look, you can find a Christmas ale guaranteed to hit the spot and make your party stand out from the rest. 

So whatever you’re looking for this season, walk the aisles of your local grocery store, do yourself a favor, pick up something holiday-inspired, and make yourself a little bit more festive, because this is definitely what’s new in festive food.


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