What’s New In Food: KFC Chicken-Scented Fire Logs

Just in time for the holidays, KFC is selling chicken-scented fire logs exclusively through Walmart. Yep, the most wonderful time of the year can be filled with the most wonderful aroma of 11 herbs and spices. It’s the perfect, quirky gift for anyone looking to surprise and delight their friends and loved ones. Most of all, it’s another great example of how KFC is extending its brand from the restaurant into people’s homes.

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What’s new in festive food?

Well, today I’m going to talk about my absolute favorite food-related item of the holiday season, and for the second straight year, that is that Kentucky Fried Chicken has put out a fire log. Yes, a fire log that actually smells like 11 herbs and spices. So if you are a food lover, if you are a fried chicken lover, if you are trying to make people think completely differently about your house and wondering what smells so good in the kitchen, this is the holiday gift for you.

It’s only available through walmart.com, and I know last year this product sold out in three hours. So if this is something you really want for the holiday season, I suggest you go order one today. But the fire log from KFC, super cool, super trendy, super fun. If you’re trying to be more festive, go order one today, because this is what’s new in festive foods.


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