What’s New In Food: Shake Shack’s Alpine Tree-O

The Alpine Tree-O limited edition shake lineup from Shake Shack is here. See how one of America’s favorite burger chains is cashing in on holiday LTOs in day 3 of our What’s New in Festive Food video series.

Full Transcript

What’s new in festive food? Everybody’s trying to capture more holiday sales this season, and if you’re trying to get your flavor fix on this holiday season, look no further than the fastest place to do that. America’s favorite burger chain, Shake Shack. They’ve come through with their Alpine Tree-O of holiday seasonal flavors, including coconut snowball, Christmas cookie, and chocolate peppermint.

And they are absolutely delicious, right? It’s a great way to get the holiday spirit on and taste new flavors. Absolutely fast.  Shake Shack and others are doing this and it’s just one more way to increase ring totals and enjoy extra profits and extra traffic during the holiday season.

So whatever your flavor is, from coconut, to cookie dough, to peppermint, I hope you enjoy this holiday season. Get out, try something new and make the holidays great.


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