What’s New In Food: Old Town Pour House Cider Sampler


Experience the flavors of the season with a hard cider flight from Old Town Pour House, located in the Chicagoland area. Crafted with apples grown and harvested specifically for cider applications, today’s hard ciders are driving interest in the farm-to-glass movement.

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What’s new with food?

What’s new in festive food? 2019 has been the year of the cider. Born from the craft beer revolution, the hard cider movement has made its way back into foodservice. What is hard cider? Well it’s apples, which are fermented and you add a little yeast in there and you come up with the perfect cider. We talk farm to table all the time. The cider revolution has been one that’s a farm to a glass revolution, right, where you have orchards across the country and around the world that are now growing specific apple varieties that can be used to make these hard ciders. So if you’re trying to do something a little bit different this holiday season and looking for something that’s very festive and very on trend and a way to impress guests or your friends, I suggest you go out and try a hard cider. Now then, I’m at Old Town Pour House here at Oak Brook, just up from our offices today, where they do a great job with cider, including having a cider sampler. So get out, enjoy the holidays, drink something that’s super festive and I hope your 2019 was great. I hope your 2020 is even better and that’s what’s new in festive food.


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