What’s New In Food: IHOP Elf on the Shelf Menu


Young parents looking for a meal that will appeal to their kids can sled over to IHOP this holiday season. The casual dining chain’s limited edition Elf on a Shelf holiday menu features sweet drinks and entrées with a touch of nostalgia.

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What’s new in food?


What’s new in festive foods? Well, it is the holiday season, and nobody knows the holidays better than IHOP. One of America’s favorite chain restaurants has outdone themselves this year. Their strategy is to connect Millennialparents and their Gen A kids through the use of nostalgia. What’s the most nostalgic holiday thing to Millennialparents? Elf on a Shelf. And they’re hoping that this is a big hit that connects them to their kid and invites them to come in here and try IHOP once again. So, they’ve rolled out an entire Elf on a Shelf menu, from hot chocolate, to pancakes, to funnel pancakes, which I can’t wait to try. It’s a great way that IHOP and other chains are trying to reach these new generations through things that they grew up with and loved as kids. So, when you’re trying to figure out what’s new in festive foods, I say come out to IHOP, try the menu. Try the hot chocolate, it looks delicious. That’s what’s new in festive food.


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