What’s New In Food: Robot-Prepared Meals

Automation continues to revolutionize foodservice as we know it. Boston’s Spyce is leveraging robot technology to make making nutritious meals more affordable for everyone. How is your company using automation to enhance the customer experience?

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What’s new in food?

Automation and technology continues to evolve. A couple weeks ago we showed you what was happening in front of house at Wow Bao. This week here in Boston, Massachusetts we want to introduce you to Spyce.

What is Spyce? It was founded by four students from MIT, along with super-chef Daniel Boulud.

So, it’s a super-fun atmosphere. I’m going to order something, you can see what this technology produces.

The whole process was about how we would make nutritious meals more affordable for everyone. How do they do that? Through robotics. Robotics here at Spyce are not only in front of house, like a Wow Bao, but also back of house and do everything from prepare your meal, serving your meal, bussing the meal, and cleaning up dishes.

I think this is a pretty amazing concept. They’ve done a great job with the ambience. They’ve done a great job with high-tech customer touch. And it looks like a fantastic meal at a really, really great price.

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