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What’s New In Food: Touchless Transaction

No lines. No checkout. “Just walk out.” Amazon Go has simplified shopping. Who will be next?

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Full Transcript

What’s new in food?

Welcome to the Amazon Go store here in Chicago, part convenience store, part grocery store, part completely touchless-experience. It works by using an app on your phone. You simply come in: as soon as I pick up a product off the shelf, it’s going to charge my Amazon account. It has fresh food, it has fresh drinks, it has meal replacement kits, and it is the latest in technology. So how does it all work? You come into the store with your Amazon Go app ready on your phone. As soon as you walk in, the store recognizes. You scan yourself in for a QR code that you are in the store. And then when you pick an item up off the shelf, it automatically registers that into your Amazon cart, which you’ve already got set up at home for a million other things. And then when you exit the store, you go to a set of gates. It closes out your transaction without you doing anything, and there you are.

Okay, I’ve got my food, and out I go. And just like that have paid for my lunch. Wow, talk about a frictionless experience. Very cool concept, everyone should come and check out Amazon Go.

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