What’s New In Food: Krispy Kreme Instagrammable Holiday Donuts

Brands like Krispy Kreme understand the power of a photo-ready menu item. Their collection of Christmas-inspired donuts are decorated so beautifully, they create the kind of fun-spirited experience patrons love to share on social media. See what makes this lineup of seasonal LTOs different.

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What’s new with food.

What’s New in Festive Food? Today I’m here at Krispy Kreme, and if you’re looking for somebody that’s really stepped up their holiday game, look no further than Krispy Kreme, right? This year, they’ve come out with a fantastic holiday assortment guaranteed to make people’s eyes sparkle and light up. And it’s really going back to something we talked about earlier, which is that Instagram-worthy food moment, right? So they’ve got these cute little reindeer with pretzel antlers, and they’ve got these cute little Santa Clauses that they’ve come out with. And you already know their donuts taste great, right? Now they look great, they’re holiday inspired, and they’re amazing. They’re also coming out with specials. Like this particular weekend that I am here, we have a chocolate holiday sampler, which allows you to get a double chocolate, a chocolate powdered sugar, and more. So if you’re looking for a fast way to get your holiday on and get more festive, get into Krispy Kreme and see what they’ve got, because this is definitely What’s New in Festive Foods.


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