What’s New In Food: Grey Goose Holiday Meal Kits

Grey Goose teamed up with celebrity chef Jonathan Waxman, Cocktail Courier and Cooked to deliver perfectly paired food and cocktails to holiday parties. Available only until Dec. 31, 2019,  the meal kits are designed to bring a restaurant-quality experience to 8 friends dining at home.  

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What’s new with food.

What’s new in festive foods? Well, today we’re here at Hampton Social in Burr Ridge, just around the corner from our office, to talk about something really interesting for your holiday party. Grey Goose, one of our favorites, has come out with a 2019 holiday meal kit that feeds eight. Whether that’s for your family, your friends, or just a party you want to throw at home, it’s a great little meal kit put together by celebrity chef Jonathan Waxman. And not only is it a great kit, but it does some great things as well. A portion of every kit goes to donating dollars to Meals On Wheels to support others who don’t have as much for the holiday season. So if you’re looking for a great meal, some great recipes featuring Grey Goose and a fantastic way to celebrate the holidays, then I suggest you go on to greygoose.com, check these guys out, order the meal kit, because this is definitely festive in What’s New in Food. So here’s a cheers to you and your holidays. That’s what’s new in festive foods.


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