What’s New In Food: World’s Largest Starbucks

Opening just in time for the 2019 holiday shopping season, the world’s largest Starbucks sits on a prime piece of real estate, strategically located at the heart of Chicago’s Mag Mile. The five-level “super” store, restaurant and roastery is an incredible attraction for coffee drinkers and non-drinkers alike. Check out how this Starbucks location is a must-see destination for the ultimate customer experience.

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What’s new in festive food?

They say Disney is the happiest place on Earth, and I’m going to argue that point strongly this holiday season. I am here in Chicago at the world’s largest Starbucks, which opened in just the past month, and this place is amazing. Five floors of goodness, from its own cocktail bar to its reserve roastery downstairs. Starbucks has really brought its A game to the city of Chicago, and the people, as you can see behind me, are absolutely loving it. If you’re a Starbucks fan, this is the spot that you’ve got to get to. It’s one of the most interesting retail/ food service/next level food spots that you can possibly find, and it’s all about the customer experience. Every single floor has a different experience for the customer including a sky deck on the fifth floor, including the great bar behind me. It just goes on, and on, and on. If you want to get your happy on this holiday season, get yourself here to Chicago and come and see the world’s largest Starbucks. This is definitely festive, and this is what’s new in festive foods.

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