What’s New In Food: Influencer Charlie Baggs

2019 is here to take us on an exciting new adventure in flavor. We caught up with Executive Chef Charlie Baggs, President of Charlie Baggs Culinary Innovations, to talk about some of the year’s most promising culinary trends.

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Intro Voice: What’s new in food? Influencer.

Kevin Wilson: What’s new in food? Welcome to 2019. Everyone is asking what the new trends are for the year, what’s going to be hot, what products might take off, be different. Today, I am here with one of the leaders and culinary cult leaders in all of food service, Charlie Baggs, superstar chef. So, Charlie, talk to a little bit about some of the trends for 2019.

Charlie Baggs: I get stimulation from all the different places as it relates to trends. The overarching trend really is around clean label and minimum ingredients.

Kevin Wilson: Absolutely.

Charlie Baggs: People want to be able to have some type of understanding of every ingredient. One of the rules of thumb is if your grandma didn’t recognize ingredient, it’s not clean label. With that said, it kind of segues into another overarching theme that I’m seeing and that’s around whole foods. I think processed foods are always going to be around. They’re very practical for a lot of reasons. They’re shelf stable, they make it through distribution, all those things. But, I think what we’re going to find is that with all the flexitarianism and people interested in health and wellness, but there needs to be a combination of consuming whole foods with processed foods.

Kevin Wilson: Speaking of things that we talked about, whole food, eggs are becoming very hot, and one in particular caught my mind the bing. Will you talk to me about the bing?

Charlie Baggs: Eggs just first in general. It’s such a great source of protein and it’s a fairly neutral flavor and taste profile, and also you can use an egg in many different cooking techniques to apply all different textures. A bing is a Chinese kind of egg omelet. It’s a really thin egg carrier. And, like the Indian cuisine, have something called a dosa that they put on a griddle.

Kevin Wilson: Got it.

Charlie Baggs: It’s real thin and it’s a carrier. So, the bing is all about this kind of thin egg that you can use kind of like a tortilla. I think it’s going to be kind of the next big fusion cuisine.

Kevin Wilson: Got it.

Charlie Baggs: Remember when we had like the Korean tacos? You had Korean and Mexican paired, well, this is going to be the Chinese carrier. Imagine you go around the country, what’s something that’s always tasty and incredible? We’ll say like Carolina barbecue.
Kevin Wilson: Barbecue is always tasty.

Charlie Baggs: Take some pulled pork, some coleslaw and put in a bing, and now you’ve got a bing thing.
Kevin Wilson: Now you’ve got a bing thing. I love it.

Charlie Baggs: The bing is not going to take away from the flavor. It’s going to be an incredible carrier, extremely versatile.

Kevin Wilson: I want to thank you for your time. This is the first of maybe a few videos we’re going to give you this year on culinary, and maybe how to use culinary, not only whether you’re a restaurant, a restaurant chain, or you’re a manufacturer trying to be more culinary, pitching to restaurant chains, so you’re going to see a lot more, and we appreciate your time today.

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