What’s New In Food: Restaurants Inside Retail

Intent on building loyalty and enhancing the customer experience, more and more retailers are entering the foodservice space. Lululemon and Crate & Barrel are the newest players challenging traditional restaurants to grab a larger share of wallet. Who will be next?

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What’s new in food?

What’s new? What’s new in food?

What’s new in food? More and more retailers like lululemon are entering the food service space. Consumer experience and loyalty and growth are the most important thing to their brand and to their business, so places like Crate & Barrel and lululemon have added full service restaurants inside of their retail operations. It’s not just smoothies, it’s not just snacks; you can get full breakfast, full lunches, full dinners, they got great prices and the food—I’m just going to tell you right now—looks absolutely amazing.

lululemon and others are helping to capitalize on the wellness trend that’s out there. That’s why they’re offering a menu with things like avocado toast, breakfast bowls, salads, power bowls, sure. But they also have a full selection of burgers, drinks, and even chocolate covered bacon. So, it’s not just you have to come here to be completely healthy, you can come here and indulge, hang out at your favorite retailer, hang out at lululemon, go for a workout, come back, get a great meal, all in one location.

It’s not just about the brand, it’s not just about great food, it’s about the experience, it’s about the ambiance, it’s about a place where you can be yourself. And that’s what we’re all trying to capture these days. So, when you’re wondering why traffic counts are down, or it seems like I’ve got more competition than ever, you’re right, you do have more competition than ever in the restaurant space. It’s not just that delivery’s taking a part of this. It’s not just that whole meal replacements taking a part of this, it’s where great brands like lululemon and others are entering the space to try to capture more of their own consumers hard-earned dollars.

So, trying to figure out what’s new in food and how you can evolve? Get out, go to some of your favorite stores and see how they are taking a shot at becoming the next food service giant.


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