What’s New In Food: Lab-Grown Protein

As activists continue to blame animals for climate change, a think tank is forecasting that lab-grown foods will collapse the beef and dairy industries by 2030. By replacing our animal-centric way of food production with a food-as-software model, scientists could engineer food at a molecular level and upload them to databases that are accessible to food designers worldwide. If that’s true, is it possible that the demand for cow-associated products will fall by 70% in as little as 11 years, as the think tank predicts? 

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What’s new in food? Well, we all know that plant based proteins are taking over, right? They’re on every menu; people are offering aplant-based option. Burger King’s Whopper is certainly out there getting a lot of attention. But just behind this is lab-grown, cellular based protein being created in labs across the country right now. In fact, so many people are predicting great things for lab-based protein that one recent study came out that said by the year 2030—so 11 years from now—that the need for cows and beef production will be down 70%. That’s both on the protein side and the dairy side. Same thing with poultry, right?

The thought processes is that lab-grown is going to cost consumers half the amount of actual beef, actual chicken, actual pork. And so, it’s predicting massive changes for our industry. If you think there’s absolutely no way that we could be down 70% production of beef, chicken and pork in just a few short years—11 as a matter of fact—just take a look at what’s happened in plant-based. Five years ago it wasn’t even really the monster that is today. Even two years ago it wasn’t a monster that it is today. When you combine plant-based with cellular biology and what they’re doing in labs right now I think you’d be pretty amazed at what could happen and what the potential is. So, tell me what you think in the comments below… but it’s coming our way. Lab-grown protein, that what’s new in food.

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