Whats New In Food: Brand Stories

Your brand story is all about you…or is it?

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What’s New in Food?

Hi there. Today we’re here to talk about stories, specifically brand stories. What’s new with brand stories? The way they’re being told. People want to know what makes you uniquely you. The challenge is, most companies don’t know how to tell their brand story, which is why so many of them end up being a smattering of “Harry Potter,” a touch of Malcolm Gladwell, and even parts of “Fifty Shades of Grey.” And because we’re in food, they all seem to be set in a rural cornfield somewhere in the middle of Iowa. Here’s an unknown truth. Your brand story isn’t about you. Your brand story is about the people and operators who use your brand on a daily basis. So if you’re still telling your brand story in the same old way, well, then you’re as out of date as this smoking jacket.

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