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Now Trending in Digital Advertising: Cinemagraphs

Check out the latest creative execution tactic in digital advertising – cinemagraphs. Utilizing a combination of photography and video you can create engaging images that speak through digital animation.


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Hi, guys. Amanda Peters, Esrock Partners senior brand activist here, and I am sitting with one of our awesome designers, Angelika. And she’s going to tell you about a cool, new technology we’re using for some of our clients right now, called “Cinemagraphs”.

Hi, guys! So, a cinemagraph is a still image with a very minor repeated movement or animation, typically coming in the form of a .gif, but can also be in other various video formats, and what’s great about them is that even the slightest movement can create a very engaging and successful, story through digital animation.

So, what they can be utilized in is not only social media, such as Facebook and Instagram and Twitter, which I’m sure you’ve seen before, but they can also be utilized in other digital displays at trade shows, e-blasts or e-mail, websites, header graphics, and banner ads or other digital forms of advertising.

So, cinemagraphs are a very eye-catching way to set yourself apart in the sea of still ads. Yours will be a lot more movement, which will create a lot more engagements.

Flixel also did a case study as to how effective they are, utilizing two of the same ads – one is a cinemagraph and one is a regular still ad – and the cinemagraphs received six times more click-throughs, which is huge.

You’re talking about three hundred sixty-one click-throughs for the still image, but over two thousand for the cinemagraphs, so clearly they are very effective, and what’s even really more fantastic is that you can create not only one but a series of cinemagraphs and you can utilize them across various digital mediums and create a very effective and successful campaign. So, they are definitely the way to go right now.

So, if you are interested in utilizing a cinemagraphs in your next marketing campaign, call us!

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