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5 Standout Ideas from ANC 2017

The ANC Show 2017 was nothing short of amazing. Top manufacturers and FSDs gathered together for multiple days of education and fun. Learn about 5 standout ideas from this years event!


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Hey everyone, Amanda Peters here, Esrock Partners’ Senior Brand Activist, and I’m here today to give you the 5 standout ideas from the K-12 ANC show. So, without further ado, here they are.

Number one: An epic giveaway. How do you draw the most attention to your booth, the ANC show, and get the most food service directors to said booth? Give away a few Apple iWatches and have the FSDs do your at-show promotion for you. Yang’s enlisted the help of every FSD on the trade show floor by asking them to wear a bright orange t-shirt and be in attendance at two o’clock on Tuesday for the big drawing. Looks pretty effective, eh?

Number two: best new product. What’s that person eating? The same thing as everyone else on the trade show floor. Doritos’ Top’N’go Walking Taco. Yes, it’s that same delicious concoction you see on the menu at high school football games, but this one accounts for a full serving of protein. Deborah Carper, Food Service Manager at East Allen County schools in Leo, Indiana hijacked an Esrocker on the show floor to extol the virtues of the walking taco. She can’t wait to get it on her menu.

Number three: Kikkoman’s killer culinary demo. This culinary demonstration was planned and executed to perfection. The first step is finding your best mouthpiece and in Kikkoman’s case, it was Chef Garrett Berdan. Chef Garett was fun, upbeat, engaging, and extremely knowledgeable about the product. He also knew his audience to a T. He spoke their language, asked for opinions, and recognized FSDs in the audience. Half of the battle is conveying information in an interesting way; the other half is showcasing your product and giving FSDs executable recipes. Done and done.

Number four: Cool booth draws. Tyson gave away a $10,000 grant to one lucky school district. FSDs were lined up around the corner to get these hand-pressed aprons, and next generation versions of the Plinko game were popular for garnering in-booth action.

Number five: Gathering priceless information at an FSD focus group. Esrock coordinated and moderated a focus group at the show, where many issues were discussed, including rising labor costs, lunch compression, and the continued rise of the dinner daypart. Esrockers agree that K-through-12 directors are one of the most forthcoming and collaborative groups in the biz. Partner with them early and often.

Thanks for tuning in! For more tips from trade shows or other non-commercial expertise, give me a ring! Thanks.

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