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While the marquee names headlining Lollapalooza drive a hundred thousand daily concert goers to the festival, it’s the delicious local grub that keeps fans energized and satisfied. To preview this year’s festival, the Just For Kicks team highlighted all the amazing foods you can find when you’re here in Chicago.  

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Lolla’s back, baby. Just for Kicks here with Lollapalooza and their 2021 concert series. While we won’t be inside the concert, we’re going to give you all the insider information you need to know about the amazing food and where you can find it afterwards around the Chicagoland area.

While the music is the big draw of Lolla, the food is a must-have, with highlights from old Chicago favorites to some of the new, big trends on the food scene. This year, there are 39 different vendors showcasing a variety of treats from sweet to savory and everything in-between.

Shawn (voiceover):

Chicago has so many good eats, it’s hard to narrow down some of the best seen at Lolla this year. A messy burger calling your name? Head over to Shake Shack where you can get your grub on. Check out their locations outside of the concert for that perfect fix of burger, fries and shakes.

Or maybe you’re feeling for some barbecue. While there are a number of options to pick from at Lolla, we wanted to highlight Smoke Daddy. You’ll find a steady stream of meaty, saucy offerings plus all kinds of sides. Just don’t forget to grab those napkins. Check out their Wrigleyville location anytime. They pair great with a Cubs game.

Want to venture outside the box? Wow Bao is everyone’s favorite mini chain with locations all over Chicago. They’re bringing a roster of Asian street food to Lolla with bao, pan-seared pot stickers, steamed dumplings and more.

Sam (voiceover):

If you’re after something on the sweeter side of things, Lolla’s got your back there, too. Hot summer in Chicago plus music festival packed with fans means the perfect cool-off dessert, like the Instagram-famous Rainbow Cone. This Chicago original features one huge cone of orange sherbet, chocolate, strawberry, Palmer House and pistachio ice cream. You can find their trucks all over Chicago, outside of Lolla or at their original location in the South Side.

Want a smaller, but just as delicious treat to cool off? Hit up Pretty Cool Ice for ice cream on a stick. They have a huge variety of flavors with something to please everyone. Some fun flavor options include peanut butter potato chip, Chicago mix, banana cream pie, blue moon and so many more. Check them out anytime in Logan Square.

XO Marshmallow even created a unique treat just for Lolla fans called Fluffles. These are gooey marshmallow cake balls and come in a variety of flavors. Let’s hope they’re a new, added staple to the delicious XO Marshmallow menu on the North Side.

Aleksandra (voiceover):

All of that dancing, and of course the heat, means drinks are a must. One unique option found at Lolla, as well as all over the Chicago area, is Dark Matter Coffee. This local roastery has all kinds of caffeinated goodness to keep the party fueled. You can even try some CBD-infused cold brew to cool down and keep the fun going.

Cupcake Vineyards, a wine brand that you can find in most grocery stores, paired up with Drink Ripples to create a one-of-a-kind experience for Lolla goers. They are offering a frozen rosé with your own selfie printed on top. They also offer a space to relax in their lounge and enjoy other low-calorie wines.


While Lollapalooza may be over, you can find all of these great-tasting eats all year round in downtown Chicago. Stay tuned until next time. This has been Just for kicks.

Courtesy of the Esrock Partners “Just for Kicks” Team: Travis Fish, Lucy Ressler, Samantha Gallagher, Aleksandra Kostic, Shawn Rudolph & Karolina Urbas

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