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Just For Kicks: Celebrity Partnerships

Celebrity partnerships offer a short path to brand recognition. Their stockpile of fans click, comment and slam share with genuine enthusiasm. With their endorsement as a bankable branding asset, their entrepreneurial efforts mint social media impressions.

This month, the Just For Kicks team highlighted a few celebrities with some serious pop culture capital and relatable #businessgoals.

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In his partnership with 19 Crimes, Snoop Dogg has entered center stage with a red wine and a rosé, capturing the spotlight in the expanding wine scene and in the emerging augmented reality game. With his signature laid back charisma, Snoop Dogg offers words of wisdom with every wine bottle purchase—available via the Living Wine Labels App and online at Ask the Doggfather.

When the talented, multi-hyphenated music artist and more than 20x brand partner, Travis Scott, teamed up with Anheuser-Busch to launch their agave tequila-infused, hard seltzer CACTI, he shrouded the product release in mystique.

He helped build anticipation prior the product hitting the shelves by turning the brand into a merchandising line. That flooded feeds on social platforms until the debut of the product. Then on the day of its release, CACTI sold out in stores and online within 12 hours.

For ghost kitchen and virtual kitchen concepts, business is very real. Just ask our guy—Guy Fieri. While off-premise dining and delivery became a trend the last several months, Fieri took Flavortown on a U.S. tour, sharing real delicious deals on burgers, wings and more.  Flavortown Kitchens operate out of existing brick and mortar restaurants. As one of the fourteen brands sharing Fieri’s likeness or catchphrases, these kitchens cook up his signature flavor and excitement, too.

Courtesy of the Esrock Partners “Just for Kicks” Team: Travis Fish, Lucy Ressler, Mikayla Walsh, Samantha Gallagher, Aleksandra Kostic, & Shawn Rudolph

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