What’s New In Food: Connecting in Bold New Ways at NRA

The restaurant industry is rapidly evolving. Old ways of connecting won’t cut it anymore. Let’s talk at NRA about new and different ways to connect your brand to your customers.

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What’s new in food?

What’s new in food? It should be your brands. Guys, it’s the week of the National Restaurant Show. I’m very excited to welcome you here to Chicago, to welcome you specifically to McCormick Place. Can’t wait to see everybody while they’re here in town.

The restaurant industry is really evolving right now. We’ve shown you some of that. Every restaurant chain out there, every independent restaurant is trying to figure out how to connect with their consumers in different ways, reaching millennials, reaching Gen Zs, even reaching Gen Alphas with their kids’ menu, right? And I can tell you that you and your marketing partners should be doing the same thing right now, which is trying to figure out what to do new and different to connect to your customers and their consumers—whether that’s content development, whether that’s marketing automation, whether that’s new media, whether that’s hyper-personalization. You cannot continue to do the same things that you’ve done over and over and over and expect a better or a different result.

So, while you’re here at the show, I want to challenge you to think about your agency partners, and I want to challenge you to think about Esrock Partners. I am the CEO of the best food marketing agency on the planet. I’m a very different CEO. I’m here to connect with you very personally. In fact, here is my personal cell phone number. Call me, text me during the show. Let’s meet up. Let’s have a drink. Let’s connect. I hope this is the greatest show ever for you guys. I hope you succeed. I hope you smash it. I hope it’s great for everybody in the industry, and I’m looking forward to seeing you right here at McCormick Place.

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