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Just For Kicks: Sharing (Food) Is Caring

It’s said that philosophy is a series of footnotes to Plato. One of the questions he asks is — broadly speaking of course — what is the good life? No one has all the answers to this question, but the Just For Kicks crew knows a few of the more tested and true answers.

To steal a line from a more modern philosopher, Dani Rojas of Ted Lasso fame — food is life.

This month, our team made it our mission to share our love of food. So, we gathered our Esrockers to donate time to help feed malnourished children. And when we weren’t stretching our charitable muscles, we were sharing foodie inspiration with the JFKNation (that’s you).

When you give a little, you get a lot in return. It’s not karma, but fondness and appreciation for the ways in which you have the good life. This month, Esrock Partners did our part to share food with malnourished children by hand-packing meals at Feed Our Starving Children. Learn more about their efforts. Then, schedule some time to give back, too.

Get a kick out of what we’ve posted.

Like a straight-A when it comes to homework, we’ve already done the math. We counted the ways you can say I love thee with food for Valentine’s Day (props to Elizabeth Barrett Browning). We recommended a selection of heart-shaped foods like the 9” Heartfelt Holiday Gram Cookie Cake from Mrs. Fields. But just like counting, the inspiration is infinite.

If you’re looking to get ahead of 2023, bookmark these pages… Brie Lover’s Collection from Murray’s Cheese, Better Than Roses, Assorted Truffles Box from Milk Bar, & Date Night, A Wine-Tasting Experience, By Vinebox

World-class Olympic athletes are just like us. They get cravings. While some athletes reach for the classics like a jar of peanut butter, others pack a suitcase full of chocolate milk. So, leading up to the Winter Olympics in Beijing, we shared some food for thought, you know, to help inform our cheat days. Here’s a second course, if you’re interested.

When they’re not hosting state dinners, our Presidents are proof that food is comfort we all enjoy. This past President’s Day, we shared a sample of their favorite foods. George Washington loved Hoecakes and Honey. Thomas Jefferson was ahead of his time with his favorite Mac & Cheese. Richard Nixon’s preferred breakfast was simply cottage cheese and ketchup (don’t know about that one). Talking to Jerry Seinfeld on Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, Barack Obama said of nachos and guacamole, “That’s one of those where I have to have it taken away… I’ll have guacamole coming out of my eyeballs.” He really is just like you and me. Now, maybe you’d like to know which President best represents you. Find what president shares your taste.

Courtesy of the Esrock Partners “Just for Kicks” Team: Travis Fish, Lucy Staszel, Samantha Gallagher, Aleksandra Kostic, Shawn Rudolph & Karolina Urbas

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