Next Level Virtual Engagement

FirstTaste TV®

influencer marketing • brand identity • video production • paid social media • consulting • lead-gen program



COVID-19 has forced food industry manufacturers to look for new ways to connect with customers and prospects. And now that virtual events are becoming the norm, burn out is setting in.


Esrock Insight

Influencers that engage with audiences and promote products on a brand’s behalf are a proven, effective way to gain trial from buyers who trust input from peers. Plus, businesses are making $5.20 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing.



Using in-studio professional video, “live” engagement, influencer marketing, culinary demonstrations, and more, First Taste TV is a comprehensive digital custom content and customer engagement program unlike any other in the industry.


Thanks to the right mix of organic and paid promotion, Season 1 of First Taste TV achieved better than expected lead generation for the participating brands, with one brand receiving over 700 leads from a single episode.