What’s New In Food? How to Nurture Leads in 2021

In-person customer meetings are gone. Now what?
How to nurture prospects in a digital world.

If you’re like most food industry sales and marketers, your entire customer engagement strategy has been disrupted. Now that you can’t meet with customers and prospects in person, it’s tough to find ways to close the gap and keep your brand top of mind. The need to generate and nurture leads is stronger than ever. The pressure is on!

What new strategies should your brand consider implementing? First, let’s talk about what makes a lead gen and nurturing program successful. 

Four Key Components Of A Lead Gen Program
  • Lead magnets: This is an incentive, typically in the form of gated content, that prompts a prospect to provide their contact information in exchange for something they think is valuable.
  • Lead capturing: This is an online form that collects basic contact information about the lead.
  • Lead segmentation: This process divides up leads into categories based on their online behavior.
  • Lead qualification: This process determines how likely a lead is to become a customer based on their level of engagement, and helps trigger when sales should engage.
How to Turn Leads Into Prospects

At the heart of every successful lead gen program is great content. The more valuable content you produce, the more buyers grow trust in your brand. Well-thought out content helps warm the lead up, making it easier for your sales team to connect, engage and close the deal. Follow these key steps to turn leads into prospects.






What Tools & Services Should You Invest In?

Your lead gen and nurturing program can be amplified with the right digital tools. Investing in platforms, services or digital partners (like Esrock Partners) will allow you to optimize your time and resources, and focus more energy on meeting your objectives. There are many tools available today to help marketers be more successful with their lead gen and nurturing goals. Here are five tactics we recommend with some suggested tools to consider.

Social media
organic and paid
  • Tip: Leverage channels where your audience engages. For instance, chefs love Instagram.
  • Tools: Sprout Social

Email marketing
with marketing automation
  • Tip: Personalize journeys for different personas and every stage of the buying process.
  • Tools: Salesforce Pardot

Display retargeting
and programmatic advertising
  • Tip: Drive awareness outside of traditional food and foodservice channels. Esrock can show you how!
  • Learn more about our specialized media services

Search engine optimization
and analysis and reporting
  • Tip: Increase visibility into your online presence.
  • Tools: SEMrush
Need help generating leads in 2021? Let us show you how!

About the author
Heather Goewey is Partner of Marketing Communications at Esrock Partners, a foodservice marketing agency located near Chicago, Illinois.

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