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What’s New In Food: 2022 NRA Show

Time flies. Maybe it’s because our experience of time is coordinated to technologies and innovation is developing at an increasing rapid pace. Maybe it’s just because we’re having fun.

Here however, we’re signaling to turn back the hands on the clock and recapping the should-be-recognized federal holiday that is The National Restaurant Association Show.

Here’s a preview of what’s inside our review:

  • QR codes, robots and artificial intelligence
  • Innovative packaging and edible utensils
  • Dynamite booths and immersive experiences
  • Plant-based foods—the names you know and the names you’re learning
  • Things pretty in pink
Read more about the 2022 NRA Show.

About the author
Heather Goewey is Partner of Marketing Communications at Esrock Partners, a foodservice marketing agency located near Chicago, Illinois.

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