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Previewing the 2024 Trends 

We’ve been kicking off the new year with a forecast of the new trends. This year will bring exciting twists and unexpected turns, as well as novel opportunities to reach consumers of all kinds. Watch Kevin dive into everything ahead for food. 

Global Beverages

Global beverage is growing big in 2024. Asian flavors are expanding into the North American coffee and tea scene, and consumers are opting for drinks between meals. That means one thing—it’s not snack time, it’s teatime.  

Growth in AI

Artificial intelligence was one of the biggest new advances in 2023, and it’s only going to continue to expand in 2024. The opportunities for food to utilize AI to enhance capabilities are seemingly endless and only going to get better as this technology evolves.

Healthy Refresh

Consumers care for their health. That’s nothing new. But concepts of healthiness are always changing. Kevin predicts a few updates on this front—growth in alcohol-free beverages and a shift in the perception of MSG. The most important takeaway—stay focused on the health needs of your target audiences. 

Gen Appeal

Gen Z is entering the workforce and ready to spend their hard-earned income. On the horizon, Gen A are starting to explore their teenage independence. See Kevin expand on what operators can do to help bring in these audiences. 

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