Just For Kicks, May 2021

It’s time again to celebrate summer. But before we began, the Just For Kicks team highlighted enthusiastic celebrity endorsements and entrepreneurial efforts made to kickstart a good time.

Get a kick out of what we’ve posted.

Celebrity endorsements are not a new concept. They’ve shared their voice with everything from luxury clothing brands to fast food chains and everything in-between. Some celebs are even developing their own products and taking an active, hands-on approach to help their marketing efforts.

Check out these fun executions from 19 Crimes x Snoop Dogg and Cacti x Travis Scott that are taking the alcohol game to the next level!

For ghost kitchens and virtual kitchens, business is booming. While off-premise dining and delivery became a trend during the pandemic, their convenience won’t soon be forgotten by consumers of all kinds. The recent explosion of available options for online ordering and delivery fulfill many of the needs voiced in consumer demand.

And while this trend took off, Guy Fieri took Flavortown on a US tour, sharing real delicious deals on burgers, wings and more. Maybe he even opened a kitchen in your hometown.  

Courtesy of the Esrock Partners “Just for Kicks” Team: Travis Fish, Lucy Ressler, Mikayla Walsh, Samantha Gallagher, Aleksandra Kostic, & Shawn Rudolph


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