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Contactless, integrated and in-step with our daily lives—these are the qualities of the innovative solutions that helped guide us through the pandemic. With grocery stores like Amazon Fresh, shopping was a simple walk down the aisle.

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Hey, guys. Just For Kicks, here. We’re out exploring one of the latest trends in the e-commerce platform. As we all know, 2020 brought a lot of changes in e-commerce way beyond anyone’s predictions. This included more people going online to buy grocery goods.


And Amazon been a really key player in this platform, only becoming more so in the past year. They upped their grocery store game and have expanded to in-person shopping, such as this Amazon Fresh store. While these aren’t widely available across the country, we’re lucky to have one here in Naperville, Illinois, in your own backyard, to go and explore. All right. So, let’s go inside and see what this experience is all about. Come on.

Travis (voiceover):

We got to use the newest tech Amazon Fresh has to offer with the Dash Cart that allowed for a completely contactless and digital experience. Simply scan a code from your phone to connect your Amazon account to the Dash Cart and get started. As you place items in your Dash Cart, the cart will automatically scan and register each item using built-in sensors.

Travis (voiceover):

A unique Amazon feature we found useful in the new store was the Ask Alexa kiosk. She told us exactly where to go to locate some much needed Doritos. Other common questions you could ask are about today’s sales, what food pairs with what, or how to tell if produce is fresh. One of the most surprising and impressive elements of this store was the amount of freshly prepared food. The selection compares well to something you would see at Whole Foods with a full deli, bakery, sushi, even a charcuterie section, and much more.

Travis (voiceover):

Once we had everything, it was as simple as walking through a designated section and clicking checkout on the cart. And we were good to go.


It’s been such a quick and easy experience here at Amazon Fresh. Stores like this are opening up across the country and making contactless experiences so much easier. Tune in next time for Just For Kicks.

Courtesy of the Esrock Partners “Just for Kicks” Team: Travis Fish, Lucy Ressler, Mikayla Walsh, Samantha Gallagher, Aleksandra Kostic, & Shawn Rudolph

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